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Instagram screenshot: Legal Marketing Trends - 2024 AI Special Edition

Legal Marketing Trends 2024 – AI Special Edition

“Generative AI (GenAI) and Large Language Models (LLMs) have rapidly begun to impact our industry, reshaping how we provide insights and craft customized marketing strategies. Over the past year, leaders in our field have participated in conversations about AI, highlighting its growing influence and opportunities.”

“Sometimes I use AI as a creative partner the way a painter uses a palette.  For example, I might ask an app to give me 500 words about a certain topic. My final creation will not look anything like those first 500 words, but I’ll use them to get my creative process started. This is a bit like a painter filling a blank canvas with a solid colour. Instead of staring at a sea of white, now there’s a starting point.”

Jenny van Enckevort

fSquared Marketing: Newsletter, Social Media

2024 Legal Marketing Mental Wellness Survey

“This is your final chance to take part in the 2024 Legal Marketing MentalWellness Survey. During a 15-minute coffee break, you can invest in our collective wellbeing.”

fSquared Marketing: Blog Post, Social Media

Instagram screenshot: Should Law Firms Start Using Threads for Social Media?

Threads for Law Firms: Should Your Firm Use This Social Media App?

“Since Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter last October, the 15-year-old social media platform has faced mass layoffs and questionable moves such as paid verification, reinstatement of banned accounts, reading limits, banning links to other social apps, and a recent overnight rebrand from “Twitter” to “X” (TechCrunch). Some are saying X/Twitter has “jumped the shark”—referencing the all-too-frequent moment when a pop culture phenomenon passes its prime without hope of recovery.”

Kids Brain Health Network: Blog Post

The EDIT-CP team

Canadian researchers mobilize the EDIT-CP toolkit, benefitting infants with cerebral palsy and their families

“A team of Canadian researchers and clinicians have created the first-ever toolkit for early identification and treatment of cerebral palsy (CP). The Early Detection and Intervention Tools for CP (EDIT-CP) toolkit is freely available to all neonatal follow-up specialists, family practitioners, rehabilitation specialists, and families.”

Kids Brain Health Network: Media Release

The Kids Brain Health Network team

Scientists and researchers gather for the DOHaD Congress 2022 in partnership with Kids Brain Health Network

“Partnering with the International Society for Developmental Origins of Health and Disease (DOHaD) World Congress, Kids Brain Health Network (KBHN) held its 12th annual conference in Vancouver, where researchers, families and partners from across Canada gathered. The partnership with the DOHaD Congress expanded KBHN’s global audience and reach.”